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Vol 104, Number 6, June 2015


Distance Psychotherapy – New Reality

Original Articles

Heart Failure

I Brazilian Registry of Heart Failure - Clinical Aspects, Care Quality and Hospitalization Outcomes


Depression as a Clinical Determinant of Dependence and Low Quality of Life in Elderly Patients with Cardiovascular Disease

Chagas Disease

Assessment of Autonomic Function by Phase Rectification of RRInterval Histogram Analysis in Chagas Disease


Post-Acute Coronary Syndrome Alcohol Abuse: Prospective Evaluation in the ERICO Study

APOE and LDLR Gene Polymorphisms and Dyslipidemia Tracking. Rio de Janeiro Study


Circulatory and Ventilatory Power: Characterization in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease


Blood Pressure and Hemodynamic Adaptations after a Training Program in Young Individuals with Down Syndrome

Other Diagnostic Tests (not involving imaging)

Heart Rate Variability Correlates to Functional Aerobic Impairment in Hemodialysis Patients

Review Article

Reverse Cardiac Remodeling: A Marker of Better Prognosis in Heart Failure

Letter to the Editor

An Issue Waiting to be Clarified: Effects of the QT Prolonging Drugs on Tp-e Interval


Clinicoradiological Session

Case 5/2015 – Late Outcome of Corrected Aortopulmonary Window in A 23-Year-Old Female Patient Who Underwent Surgery in Childhood

Case Report

Acute Myocardial Infarction and Severe Prosthetic Dysfunction after Bentall Procedure

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