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Vol 105, Number 5, November 2015


Obesity: A Growing Multifaceted Problem

Original Articles

Cardiac Surgery - Adults

Age, Creatinine and Ejection Fraction Score in Brazil: Comparison with InsCor and the EuroSCORE

Chronic Acute Coronary Syndrome

Human Tissue Kallikrein Activity in Angiographically Documented Chronic Stable Coronary Artery Disease

Efficacy of Patient Selection for Diagnostic Coronary Angiography in Suspected Coronary Artery Disease

Chagas Disease

Assessment of Galectin-3 Polymorphism in Subjects with Chronic Chagas Disease

Ventricular Function/Cardiac Remodeling

High-fat Diet Promotes Cardiac Remodeling in an Experimental Model of Obesity

Hemodynamics - Adults

Does Ad Hoc Coronary Intervention Reduce Radiation Exposure? – Analysis of 568 Patients


Predictors of Arrhythmic Events Detected by Implantable Loop Recorders in Renal Transplant Candidates


Frequency of Cardiovascular Involvement in Familial Amyloidotic Polyneuropathy in Brazilian Patients

Postoperative Period

Incidence and Predictors of Cardiovascular Complications and Death after Vascular Surgery

Review Article

Atrial Fibrillation and Non-cardiovascular Diseases: A Systematic Review

Supplementary Material

Anatomopathological Session

Case 5/2015 – 88-Year-Old Female with Chronic Coronary Artery Disease, Upper Limb Thrombosis, Atrial Fibrillation and Cardiac Arrest

Case Report

Coronary Fistulas in a Patient with a Novel Long QT Syndrome Mutation


Post-Hospital Syndrome: A New Challenge in Cardiovascular Practice


Arteriovenous and Intercoronary Fistulae Presenting as Heart Failure in an Adult

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